A Neighbourhood Plan is a legally binding document and it takes several years to complete. During that time research is undertaken, key issued identified and draft policies created. All the way through these are tested with the public. Finally the draft Neighbourhood Plan document is created which is then submitted for independent examination by an Inspector. After that the completed Plan is voted on by locals via a referendum. It is then adopted and becomes the legally binding agreement for what happens locally.

The timeline below provides an outline of what to expect.

  • Jun 2016

    Town Survey

    Capture latest need for housing and infrastructure.

  • Aug 2016

    Vision & Values

    First consultation on plan vision and values.

  • Oct 2016

    Generate Options

    Create different options for ways to achieve vision.

  • Sep 2017

    Prepare Draft Plan

    Plan version drafting for consultation.

  • Oct 2018

    Public Consult

    ‘Regulation 14’ Public consultation on draft Plan.

  • Dec 2018

    External Examination

    Independent inspection of draft Plan.

  • Q1 2019

    Town Referendum

    Residents get to vote on the draft Walden Plan.

  • Q2 2019

    Plan Adopted

    Walden Plan legally adopted.

Local Plan Context

A Neighbourhood Plan has to fit with the Local Plan of the district it is in. The draft Uttlesford District Plan was rejected in late 2014. Under that draft Local Plan, Uttlesford District Council had targeted Saffron Walden for mass homebuilding. The rejection of the Local Plan has created uncertainty over our own Neighbourhood Plan, leading to some delays. Even though the Local Plan is still uncertain, now Saffron Walden can’t wait any longer. We have fired up our own Neighbourhood Plan process and are moving at a pace.

Consultation Open

The consultation on our draft policies is now open until 17th February 2019. Tell us what you think.

Plan Focus Areas

Your Plan. Be Heard