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Saffron Walden is a market town valued for its wealth of architecture, including many houses in the conservation areas that date back hundreds of years.

There has been significant expansion this century, of varying quality, convenience and visual amenity, so that today our town is much larger and more architecturally diverse than its original historic centre.  We also know that many more houses will be built in and around Saffron Walden during the next 25 years.

Well-publicised Government policy means that just saying ‘No’ to development is not an option for our Town and District Councils; however with a Neighbourhood Plan we can have influence. A Neighbourhood Plan will give us a chance to suggest where development actually happens in our town. It also means that we can have a meaningful say about what sort of houses are built, what they look like and the facilities and services that are provided for them.

We want to hear what our fellow residents have to say about housing, planning and design in Saffron Walden and Little Walden (which is part of the Saffron Walden Parish).  We can then start to build this into our own Neighbourhood Plan so that we can guide building here.


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2017 Q2 Survey Questions

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Focus Group Meeting Notes: Housing, Planning & Design

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Possible Development Sites in Saffron Walden

Uttlesford Local Plan Call for Sites and Assessments – Saffron Walden Extract (March 2016) Landowners and developers have asked for these sites in around Saffron Walden to be considered by UDC for the emerging Uttlesford Local Plan. UDC has reviewed each site and provided an assessment and recommendation. Source: UDC; March 2016; www.uttlesford.gov.uk/tableofsites [PDF]


Consultation Open

The consultation on our draft policies is now open until 17th February 2019. Tell us what you think.

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