Saffron Walden Neighbourhood Plan – Draft Policy Consultation (Winter 2018)

Welcome to the Saffron Walden Neighbourhood Plan second major phase of consultation, which presents our draft policies for feedback.

This consultation provides an opportunity for the wider community of Saffron Walden and Little Walden to see and comment on the draft policies, and have a chance to influence the plan before it is submitted to Uttlesford District Council.

The process of developing policies

What can we do and what can’t we do?

How to Provide Feedback

We hope that these draft policies reflect and address what residents told us during the previous consultations, and we welcome and will listen to all feedback. Please review each policy area and add any comments you have underneath that specific policy using the comments box. You may also provide feedback using our Send Feedback form. Please provide feedback between 20 December 2018 and 17 February 2019.

Chloë Fiddy
Walden Plan Project Manager

SectionPlan PolicyPolicy Section
1.1Draft: Vision StatementVision and Objectives
2.1Draft: Policies – Housing Mix on New DevelopmentsPlanning, Housing and Economy
4.1Draft: Policies – Sustainable Non-Vehicular TransportTransport and Highways
1.2Draft: Plan ObjectivesVision and Objectives
5.2Draft: Policies – Community Halls and CentresInfrastructure
5.1Draft: Policies – Green SpacesInfrastructure
6.1Draft: Policies – HealthHealth
7.1Draft: Policies – EducationEducation
3.1Draft: Policies – Design on New DevelopmentDesign and Construction
4.3Draft: Policies – Sustainable Vehicles and Commercial VehiclesTransport and Highways
4.2Draft: Policies – Highways InfrastructureTransport and Highways
2.6Draft: Policies – Development of New and Existing Commercial SpacesPlanning, Housing and Economy
2.5Draft: Policies – Retail and Town Centre UsesPlanning, Housing and Economy
2.4Draft: Policies – Housing DensityPlanning, Housing and Economy
2.3Draft: Policies – Affordable HousingPlanning, Housing and Economy
2.2Draft: Policies – Accessible and Adaptable HomesPlanning, Housing and Economy
5.3Draft: Policies – Public Art and Cultural EventsInfrastructure
5.3Draft: Policies – Community Gathering SpacesInfrastructure
3.6Draft: Policies – Ecological Requirements for all New Domestic and Commercial DevelopmentsDesign and Construction
3.5Draft: Policies – Energy Efficient DesignDesign and Construction
3.4Draft: Policies – Dementia Friendly Urban DesignDesign and Construction
3.3Draft: Policies – Parking on New DevelopmentsDesign and Construction
3.2Draft: Policies – Street Scene and Development in Built-Up Areas (Infill and Replacement Building)Design and Construction