Draft: Policies – Accessible and Adaptable Homes

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Adopted Policies from Local Plan Policy H10

  1. Provision will be made for housing, including bungalows, that meets the needs of the ageing population and those with disabilities.
  2. New housing must be designed and constructed in a way that enables it to be adapted to meet the changing needs of its occupants over time. For this reason the Council requires all new housing on sites of 11 or more dwellings (market and affordable) to meet the optional Building Regulations Requirement M4(2): Category 2 (Accessible and Adaptable Dwellings). 10% of market housing and 15% of affordable housing will be required to meet Category 3 (M4(3)) requirements (Wheelchair user dwellings).

Additional SWNP Policies

  1. Accessible and adaptable homes must be designed to be ‘care ready’ so that new and emerging technologies, such as telecare and community equipment, can be readily installed.
  2. Current Government guidelines on open-book viability assessments and reasonable developers’ margins will be followed, both in the case of open market housing and on affordable housing.
  3. If a development which follows the above polices is declared “unviable” then the development must be put on hold until such time as it can be built viably and in line with the above policies.

3 comments on “Draft: Policies – Accessible and Adaptable Homes
  1. Marion Gillman says:

    This sounds good but how might it be implemented? Where is the community development provision in such housing ? Existing care facilities such as doctors, dentists etc , are already overstretched. Will there be provision made for more of these within these plans?

  2. Graeme Loudain says:

    Neither a developer nor anyone else can predict what “new and emerging technologies, such as telecare and community equipment, can be readily installed.” will be.
    So the likelyhood is that the wrong infrastructure would be installed or else the scheme will not happen. Don’t make it so complicated.

  3. Paul Garland says:

    I agree. It is perfectly feasible for 100% of all new dwellings to be built with wheelchair accessible doorways to meet category 3 requirements.

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