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6.4.1    Saffron Walden’s town centre lies within a Conservation Area, and a great part of Saffron Walden’s appeal lies in its visual charm. A balance must be sought between accepting change and innovation, while retaining the character and grain of the historic environment.


1.  Alteration, reinstatement or enhancement to historic shopfronts and other shop fronts will not be supported unless they:

a) contribute positively to the character and distinctiveness of Saffron Walden’s historic environment; and

b) are of a high quality of visual design, are of an appropriate scale and proportion, and use appropriate materials and detailing.

2. Uttlesford District Council sets out guidance for shopfront design in its emerging Shopfront Design Guide, and (1) above should be read in conjunction with this document, or its successor.

This policy supports the Neighbourhood Plan Objectives 1,4,5


Please use the relevant section numbers as reference markers when writing your comments.

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Neighbourhood Plan Objectives

Objective 1

Saffron Walden will be an economically active and self-sustaining town, offering equal opportunities to all.

Objective 2

Saffron Walden’s residents will be able to live as healthily as possible.

Objective 3

Saffron Walden will be an environmentally sustainable town.

Objective 4

Saffron Walden’s heritage assets, high quality landscape and conservation areas will be protected or enhanced.

Objective 5

Saffron Walden will retain its market-town feel and community spirit.


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