BUSINESS | Measures To Support Businesses


6.6.1    Additional signage to point visitors to the town’s car parks would be supported. Installation of high-speed electric charging points will be supported. The provision of public toilets at Swan Meadow Car Park would be supported.

6.6.2    Increased levels of home working are supported by the SWNP and, to enable this, the SWNP also supports and encourages the installation of high-speed broadband across the parish.

6.6.3    Proposals that provide a means for temporary office working spaces, light industrial units and pop-up shops to open to test new business concepts will be supported, subject to the usage classes policy SW11. This might include reduced rents and or rates, and or shorter leases.

6.6.4    Measures to encourage visitors to Audley End House to visit Saffron Walden town centre will be supported. This could include initiatives such as free shuttle bus services. Similar measures to encourage future residents of the proposed North Uttlesford Garden Community to visit Saffron Walden for business and leisure would also be supported. 

6.6.5    Measures which promote greater use of the market square as a social gathering space will be supported. 

6.6.6    Measures which promote the narrow streets and passageways of The Rows and The Cockpit would be supported. These are the remnants of the medieval streets and should be protected and could be enhanced.

6.6.7    Saffron Walden Town Council holds the Market Charter and has the rights to all stallage in the open air (private or not) within the parish of Saffron Walden. Centuries ago the market footprint was much larger than it is today. Any extension to the footprint of the market, if requested by suitable traders who would enhance the town’s commercial offer, would be welcomed.


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Neighbourhood Plan Objectives

Objective 1

Saffron Walden will be an economically active and self-sustaining town, offering equal opportunities to all.

Objective 2

Saffron Walden’s residents will be able to live as healthily as possible.

Objective 3

Saffron Walden will be an environmentally sustainable town.

Objective 4

Saffron Walden’s heritage assets, high quality landscape and conservation areas will be protected or enhanced.

Objective 5

Saffron Walden will retain its market-town feel and community spirit.