Draft: Policies – Street Scene and Development in Built-Up Areas (Infill and Replacement Building)

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Local Plan Policy D3 – Adopted Polices

  1. Proposals for small scale development, including extensions to existing buildings, must be of a high standard of design, responding to or improving the site and surrounding area.
  2. The scale, height and massing of any development or proposed extension should relate to the surrounding area and existing buildings.
  3. All new residential developments should accord with appropriate space standards.
  4. New development should avoid detrimental impacts on occupiers of surrounding properties, particularly in terms of noise, privacy, overshadowing and access to natural daylight.

Additional SWNP Policies

  1. Any change or addition to street lighting in the Conservation Area must be sympathetic and suited to the style of the immediate neighbourhood.
  2. Development in the Conservation Area must not have an adverse impact on heritage assets and their setting, with consideration of the wider public benefit of the asset to take precedence over the private benefit of the owner.
  3. To ensure that neighbourhoods remain pleasant places in which to live, infill buildings will be resisted if they have a detrimental impact on the amenities enjoyed by their immediate neighbours, or if they are visually detrimental to the overall street scene.
  4. Infill development must:
    1. Respect the existing street scene
    2. Reflect prevailing boundary treatments
    3. Provide adequate parking, bin storage and access arrangements
    4. Preserve and enhance Saffron Walden’s distinctive character as described in the Heritage and Character Assessment
    5. Conserve or enhance Saffron Walden’s heritage assets and their setting and must not interrupt key views as shown on the Key Views Map.
  5. Wherever it is placed, street furniture must be suited to the style of the immediate neighbourhood.
  6. Utilities furniture including electrical boxes should be placed in such a way that they are not visually intrusive.

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