Draft: Policies – Ecological Requirements for all New Domestic and Commercial Developments

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  1. New developments will have native species street trees planted.
  2. New developments must include some connected green space which runs throughout the development to serve as a wildlife corridor.
  3. Public planting must support bio-diversity.
  4. The UDC Tree Officer must comment on all applications involving trees.
  5. New developments must incorporate some form of drainage system appropriate in scale and design to the site.

6 comments on “Draft: Policies – Ecological Requirements for all New Domestic and Commercial Developments
  1. Kelvin Whitfield says:

    No mention of the impact that the proposed developments will have on pollution to the water table. The possible development of a new village on the hills to the north west of great Chesterford will have on the river Cam, a rare Chalk stream for Essex. In addition has anyone had any thoughts on what damage the huge extra demand on water supply by such a development will have on this spring fed dream of a chalk stream… I don’t suppose any research has been done on this issue as witnessed by its total absence here in the ecological section… absolutely criminal.

    • Martyn says:

      The working group on Green Infrastructure (which I participated in) proposed that a mandatory green corridor was established on either side of all watercourses to provide a green/wildlife corridor and protect them from the consequences of development. I’m trying to find out why this and other proposals have not been incorporated in the plan.

    • Chloe Fiddy says:

      Dear Kelvin, Thank you for your comments. Neighbourhood Plans are highly localised and can only provide planning policy for specific neighbourhoods. Ours covers the civil parish of Saffron Walden. The proposed garden community site to the north west of Great Chesterford is within the Great Chesterford Parish and is therefore beyond the scope of this NP.

  2. Keith Vines says:

    Let us ensure that trees planted are of the full-sized species as only these make an effective contribution to oxygenization of the air we breathe. Small ornamental trees are of only marginal value.

  3. Graeme Loudain says:

    These are wishes not policies, unless some quantification is included on every draft policy. ie How many native trees; how much green space.

  4. Paul Garland says:

    The use of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (policy 5) should be supplemented by the installation of rainwater buts on all sites where there is a garden.

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