Education & Health

Core Education Needs

Our schools are full. Whilst a Neighbourhood Plan can’t build new schools it can quantify and identify the need – and it can allocate new land for schools.

The site for a new primary school has already been allocated to the east of town on land behind Tesco and Shire Hill. The Neighbourhood Plan gives you the opportunity to have a say in how it relates to the surrounding streets and houses.

The SWCHS is also full and is one of the largest schools in the country? Should our Neighbourhood Plan allocate land for a new secondary school or an expansion of the existing SWCHS site? Or a dedicated Sixth Form Centre?

Core Health Needs

Local doctor’s surgeries are under pressure, and there are suggestions that they should combine to save money. Would you support a dedicated Health Centre, with dedicated local Clinics?

There are no permanent Mental Health facilities. Should better access to services be a priority when the District Council negotiates community benefits from Planning Approvals?

Secondary Needs

We have an ageing population. As people get older they become less mobile. Where in town should we allocate land for housing for seniors where they have easier access to services?

Many of our children are driven to school. This is bad for the environment and their health, and it clogs up our roads. Should we be focusing on safer walking or cycling routes to and from schools?

Reducing air pollution and providing more green spaces for exercise are priorities for Health. What other health and education things should we be considering in our Neighbourhood Plan?

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